Birmingham Festival Theatre requests and strongly encourages all audience members to wear masks and can provide one, if needed.

Those choosing not to wear a mask are asked to remain socially distanced from other patrons. We appreciate your understanding.

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Characters, etc.

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Samuel Quincy Adams

Stella Ayecue

Theodore Baber

Cleopatra Badger

Trent Bakula

Matthew Bater

Zesty Bevelaqua

Robert Blount

Martini Bob

Blake Bolshevik

Brianna Brilliantine

Trustee Brinks

Ole' Buck

Dr. Chuck Buckbobuck

No-Heart Bukowski

Madame Rosa Bustani

Joe the Cabbie

John Canine

Nigel Carruthers

Chad Chadwick

Frank Chocula

Jeremiah Codswallop

Evelyn Conch

Cop and Cop Dog

Capri Crestfallen

Abilene Crockett

Antoine De Shazo

Ricky Dean

Paula Deen

Officer Delacroix

Jamal Disney

Aloysius Earnhardt

Gal Ferrari

The Fez

Qwewe Flambouyance

Tim Flintlock

Larry Flintlock

Tony "Two Tone" Flintlock

Grumpy Old Harrison Ford

George Foreman

Trixie R. Forkids

Fortuitous the Ill-Fated

Count Vladimir FunnyPants!

Shecky Gaddafi

Eunice Godmother

Horatio Gorgonzola

Granny Gran

Happy the Hippo

Tucker P. Hollingsworth

Ignatious the Indominable

Kay Ivey

Cheddar Jack

Richard Milhaus "Plinko Stick" Jefferson

Skippy Joe Johnson

Dr. Know It All

Kneel Laboratoryton

Mo Lasses

Winthrop Latimore

Murray Leinster

Dame Daphne LeSeur

Uncle Willy Lester

Peachtee LeVirginFlower

Chuck Lockheed

Esmeralda Lonelypants

Rich Mahogany

The Brawny Man

Tom the Manatee Crunch

Miss Marbles

Alex Marrs

Bernie Maskman

Gladys Matkovick

Mee Maw

Virgil Maynard

Tricky Dick McAlister

Deedee McCall

Roy McCoy

Joy McCoy

Slut McCoy

Troy McCoy

Mongoose McQuade

Dynamite McTaggert

Blind Lemon Meringue

Les Miserables

Sal Monella

Officer Moonbeam

M. Rushton Moore

Detective Mordecai

Bubba Nagilla

Kiki Newbottom

Ann Noying

Sarah Palien

Officer Lionel Pan

Phoebe Patakis

Coco Pebbles

Grandma PeeJo

Skyler Perry

Darling Pettilynn

Hank Pickens

Sir Dalton Pierce

The Good Doctor Pinch

Carlton Pizzazz, Jr.

Lake Placid

Priscilla Prissley

Vidalia Prozac

Medium Pympin

Black Charles Nelson Reilly

Basil Ribaldry

Isabella Riccola

Saint Richard

"Cousin" Rick

Rip Ripley

Space Bob Ross


Ruth Rudner

Willie Rumrunner

Rick Saban

Dr. Albert Schwine

Little Seizure "The Crowd Pleaser"

Ricky Shamwow

Chet Showman

Pete Smith

Waldo Smythe

Demetrius Soze

Pip Sparrow

Jeffrey Spidell

Miriam Steinbergstein

Adrian Sterger

James Stewart

Chap Stradley

Magnanimous T

Faye Taccompli

Chef Hampton Tipsy

Arthur Totally

Ving Duhn Tran

Svetlana Trnyrhednkof

Eric "Noinch" Van der Van

Chauncey Van Van der Van

VaVa VaVoom

Scarlett Vermillion

Vic Vickery

Nasti Vitkovaa

Richard Wacker

Walter "Heisenberg" White

Dr. Will

Collette Womens-Intuition

Jedadiah Yoder

Mamie I. Zinhour