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Characters, etc.

Isabella Riccola
a massage therapist
owner, Neutral Zone-A-Therapy salon

First Show Appearance: To Mock a Killing Bird
Played by: Kathryn Myrick

Isabella is originally from Sweden, where she spent her childhood years tending to the family's herd of goats, and helping her father and mother, Ingrid and Sven Riccola, create every form of goat cheese possible. She met Bartholomew Wistful as his family traveled through the small villages of Sweden on their quest for the perfect cheese, and Barty's father loved the Riccola cheese so much, that he loaned Sven the capital to create his own goat cheese business, and the two became fast friends. Tragically, while Isabella was training to be a massage therapist in Stockholm, her parents were trampled to death by wild goats who were full of lust for the demure, cheese-bred goats of the Riccola farm. Barty moved the orphaned Isabella to Birmingham, and provided the funds to create her business in which he held a controlling interest.