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Characters, etc.

Dr. Albert Schwine
Founder and Chief Researcher, Human Space Acclimatization Project

First Show Appearance: To Mock a Killing Bird
Played by: Douglas O'Neil, Jr.

Dr. Schwine was born in East Germany in 1950, and his parents quickly sent him to the United States to avoid the possibility of reprisals following the war. He was raised by his Aunt Hilda and Uncle Gunter just outside of Huntsville, Alabama, where he attended school and excelled at the sciences. Graduating High School at the age of 16, Albert dreamed of being reunited with his real parents, and hypothesized that if his DNA were manipulated with concepts of particle physics, he could achieve abilities ranging from teleportation to time travel. Seeing the value of these theoretical properties in the area of space exploration and colonization, he founded HumSAP - The Human Space Acclimatization Project. His work was largely bankrolled by grants from NASA until deep cutbacks in the agency's budget caused his research to be defunded.