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Characters, etc.

Abilene Crockett
A Member of the Fallen Texas Aristocracy

First Show Appearance: To Mock a Killing Bird
Played by: Julie Steward

Abilene Crockett is a proud member of fallen Texan aristocracy. The Crockett family traces its fine lineage back to the glorious Alamo, something they will never forget, although they try to banish the memory of subsequent dried up oil wells, the failed Belt Buckle Museum, and that dreaded worm farm experiment. Abilene has fulfilled her true Texan heritage by marrying often and well. A widow for the 6th time, she spends her free time honing her BBQ skills, teasing her mane of Aqua-netted hair, and stocking her tornado bunker with a gourmet assortment of Mexican salsas. She is always fixin' to do something.