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Characters, etc.

Les Miserables
Producer and Murder Victim

First Show Appearance: To Mock a Killing Bird
Played by: Christopher Davis, Nick Crawford
Notes: Les Miserables appeared only twice - and both times in flashbacks - as To Mock a Killing Bird began with the discovery of his corpse in a dumpster behind the Arby's. Christopher played him Dec. 26, 2008 and Nick took on the role for the New Year's Eve show.

Les Miserables was a well-known producer of local and regional entertainments ranging from theatre to concerts to renaissance festivals. Born in 1946 to the cotton and gin (but not "cotton gin") magnate, Harvey "Ginch" Miserables, and his paramour, Wendy, Les worked in his father's mills and distilleries to amass a fortune in his own right. At the age of 30, he produced his first show: Four Score!, a bicentennial musical based on the Lincoln presidency. His best known productions include When Square Dancing Wasn't Square, The Hound and the Tit-Willow, and the romantic 1988 Southeastern Regional Show of the Year, She Always Smelled of Vlasics.