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Characters, etc.

Nasti Vitkovaa
Exotic Dancer

First Show Appearance: George Foreman presents ETC Cruise!
Played by: Callie Mauldin
Notes: This character was a last minute replacement for the unavailable Gladys Matkovick in George Foreman presents ETC Cruise!.

Nasti Vitkovaa is the daughter of Romanian street performers, Manily and Zanily Vitkovaa. By day they performed an amalgam of juggling, mime and lip syncing, and at night they took shelter on the steps of the Medieval Fortress Giurgiu, many miles from the bustling metropolis. Late one night, four-year-old Nasti was abducted by a gang of Slovakian gypsies and taken to Moscow, where she was discovered by the Moscow Academy Ballet School of Bolshoi Theatre. Nasti performed there for eleven years, but her philandering and severe alcoholism finally caught up with her and she was kicked out. After a stint of street performing, Nasti met Mark David, a scout for Disney, who cast her as the evil stepmother in Cinderalla in Orlando. After a couple of months of bratty kids, Nasti left for the Rat's Nest Bar and Grill, a "titty shop," in Panama City Beach. Nasti struggled for three months to create "The Nasti Dance," her signature number, and rose to exotic dancing fame within the year.