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Characters, etc.

The Good Doctor Pinch
Time Traveling Conjuror

First Show Appearance: To Mock a Killing Bird
Played by: David Edward Perry
Notes: See Dr. Pinch in the trailer here.

Dr. Pinch was falsely accused of murdering both Fortuitous, the Ill-Fated and Winthrop Latimore in December of 2014.

Pinch is the spiritual conjurer and town doctor from William Shakespeare's "The Comedy of Errors". He lived in the Greek city of Ephesus in 1589. During a botched exorcism, he was transported in time to the old west. His life now cursed with immortality and paranoia. Pinch has traveled the world for decades. Always taking the role of town doctor and conjurer. He often performs unnecessary exorcisms to remove the curse and return to his home in Ephesus.