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Characters, etc.

Rich Mahogany
Investigative Reporter FOX 5 Action News

First Show Appearance: To Mock a Killing Bird
Played by: David Edward Perry

Rich grew up to middle class parents who found him to be an odd baby. Rich would only eat, sleep and poop in front of the television news. Growing up He excelled in communication studies at Furry Buck Community College. There was an opening at Fox 5 for a janitor and Rich jumped at the chance. For 5 years he scrubbed toilets and cleaned offices. Till one day there was a horrible snow storm and none of the anchors or crew were able to make it to the station.
Rich took the initiative, set up the studio and read the news live!

He was horrible.

But the station execs applauded him for his efforts and gave him a job as a segment reporter. His reports are used as filler but to Rich each story is an Emmy award winning production. His Cameraman Chauncey is never seen due to his ninja like skills of hiding. The only problem is he hides so well Rich never knows where he is. Until he asks via his head piece “Did you get that Chauncey?”