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Characters, etc.

Ricky Dean
The Verminator

First Show Appearance: The Soap Opera Show
Other Show Appearances: To Mock a Killing Bird
Played by: Daniel Martin

Ricky Dean, was born the bastard child of sausage king, Jimmy. Although, he was raised with everything a boy could want (Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em's, a Remington Rifle, and a lifetime supply of Stetson for Men, to name a few.) Ricky lacks one thing that keeps him a step behind the rest of his peers. A full brain. You see, when Ricky was just a young'un, as his MeeMaw might say...(as most might say, eighteen), he had an unfortunate accident with a paintball gun, and got a pellet lodged in his left frontal lobe (whatever the hell that is). This, combined with a love of shooting small animals and the aforementioned hefty bank account, led Ricky to open up his own Pest Control agency. Ricky's motto is: "There's no critter so big that I won't look him in the eye and give him a touch of the grim reaper." his other motto is "Satisfaction guaranteed or the Taxidermy's FREE!"