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Characters, etc.

Frank Chocula
Private investigator

First Show Appearance: The First Annual ETC Clip Show
Other Show Appearances: Frank Chocula, P.I., Frank Chocula Returns
Played by: Christopher Davis
Notes: "Frank Chocula, P.I." was a short clip written for the First Annual ETC Clip Show, and in contention for audience votes to become a full-length show of its own. The clip won out in the voting, and in March, 2010, Christopher reprised the character in the title role of "Frank Chocula, P.I."

Frank Chocula is the best damn private detective this side of 1940-something. Hardnosed, hardboiled, and hard to find when rent is due. What can I say, his clients don't always pay their bills. Cause sometimes his clients get dead. That doesn't stop Frank. He's on the case to the very end no matter how many dead bodies mysteriously pile up. Intrigue, mystery, espionage, double crosses, triple crosses; Chocula's seen it all! Whether he's getting a little chin music from some palooka in a back alley, or chasing some beautiful dame, only to get her stiletto heel through his heart, Frank never gives up. He always gets his man. Preferably if that man is a woman.