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Characters, etc.

Vic Vickery
a cryptozoologist

First Show Appearance: To Mock a Killing Bird
Played by: Nick Crawford

From Auckland, New Zealand, Vic Vickery is a world famous crypotozoologist, product spokesperson and qualified opinion. Vickery first appeared on the world scene discovering the 'yippy', the mythical Australian Dingerie-Dingo - a fact that still angers many Aussies to this day. Due to his fame in the world of cryptozoology, Vickery became a renowned spokesperson for both "Bottled Air" and "Funnel Vision". Vickery also hosts a television show called WE BE JAZZIN WITH VIC VICKERY which recently outed the roving komodo dragon of the Tennessee Highlands to be little more than an escaped monitor lizard. He has been tracking the Alabama Yowie - or Bigfoot and nearly caught him at the Bessemer Lowe's where he was shopping for Bigfoot Shoe Hooks. Today, Vickery searches the world for mystery and products only he would use.