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Characters, etc.

George Foreman
Owner, S.S. Bunwarmer

First Show Appearance: George Foreman presents ETC Cruise!
Played by: Dave Beeching
Notes: Although not a part of the ETC cast, Dave Beeching was selected as both the face and voice of George Foreman (who never appeared on stage) because, for reasons that remain unclear, a picture of him Photoshopped into a Carmen Miranda outfit in front of a boat already existed.

Mr. Foreman, not to be confused with the pugilist of the same name, made a fortune in technology stocks during the late nineties. Happening to see a production of Julius Caesar in February of 2000, he took the soothsayer's warning "beware the Ides of March" as a premonition, and sold his stocks before the bubble burst. Since then, he has amassed a fleet of luxury ocean liners, and he remains a recluse by scurrying from one to another disguised as Carmen Miranda so "that bastard Brutus" can't stab him.