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Characters, etc.

M. Rushton Moore
Commissioner, Geneva County Commission

First Show Appearance: Thanksgiving on Trailer Park Avenue
Played by: Tanner McCracken
Notes: Commissioner Moore was one of the characters featured on the cover of the Birmingham News City Scene on November 20, 2009.

Born and raised on Trailer Park Avenue, Montgomery Rushton Moore grew up in one of the only families in the community that was not on food stamps. His hard-working, blue-collar father instilled in him a seething distaste for government welfare programs, as well as a thorough indoctrination into Reagan Republicanism. He strove to be as classic a good-ole American kid as possible: got decent grades, played sports (though never excelled at any of them), joined the Boy Scouts and the church youth group, and went on to graduate from Jefferson Davis Community College with an associate degree in Political Science. He joined the Alabama Republican Party as an organizer, and his political career was kick-started last year by his election to the county commission.