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Characters, etc.

Ignatious the Indominable

First Show Appearance: To Mock a Killing Bird
Played by: Andrew Willmore

Ignatius the Indomitable is a powerful sorcerer of the Order of Widdershins. He's pretty much mastered the whole "magic" thing during his few centuries on this planet, so maybe think twice before you mess with him. Ignatius is currently tutoring an apprentice of some lesser talent, Fortuitous the Ill-Fated. (Who you may have also seen in an ETC show before. If you attend a lot. Once. Recently.)

In 2014, Ignatius the Indominable came home to find that Fortuitous had been murdered in his castle on December 27. Despite his best investigative efforts, Ignatious apprehended Dr. Pinch instead of the REAL killer, James Stewart.