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Characters, etc.

Demetrius Soze

First Show Appearance: To Mock a Killing Bird
Played by: Arik Sokol
Notes: A special game was created for Demetrius in To Mock a Killing Bird that allowed him to try to break suspects out of jail with his useless escape kit. The game proved to be so much fun that it is now played in our Project Codename: VULCAN'S UNDERPANTS shows.

Although he's usually recognized for his vehement denial of the existence of the Internet ("show it to me then!") on various news-talk and talk-news shows, Demetrius makes his living by playing video games and selling his experience points on the very Internet he claims does not exist. A purveyor of fine milk ("Barbers 2% is very, very creamy") and animals' rights ("Muzzles for everyone!"), Demetrius is ready to pass the bar... he set for himself and get his GED.