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Characters, etc.

Tim Flintlock
Detective, Birmingham Police Department (Deceased)

First Show Appearance: To Mock a Killing Bird
Played by: Douglas O'Neil, Jr.
Notes: Tim Flintlock was originally created for torrential downplay productions' murder mystery show Death of a Death Insurance Salesman of Death in 2000. He later appeared in The Feminist Debutante Guild's murder mystery show Kind Them With Killness before taking his annual New Year's gig with ETC.

Tim Flintlock has been a cop for over 20 years. Flintlock has served as a detective with Birmingham's Homicide Unit since the year 2000, when he solved the high-profile "Death Insurance Salesman" case of the murder of James Edgar Bees. He has been commended by the Mayor on three separate occasions: twice for bravery and once for conduct above and beyond the call of duty. Detective Flintlock is widely known for his easy demeanor with suspects and his propensity to arrest everyone he can get his hands on. In his spare time, Detective Flintlock enjoys baking and watching reruns of Matlock - activities which he planned to pursue full time once he retired from the force in 2011.

Unfortunately for Detective Flintlock, he was brutally gunned down by Chet Showman (Dec. 30, 2010), Ving Duhn Tran (New Year's Eve, 2010), and John Canine (Jan. 1, 2011) before he could retire. His murder was avenged by his uncle, Larry Flintlock (Dec. 30), his godmother, Eunice Godmother (New Year's Eve), and his brother, Roscoe Flintlock (Jan. 1).