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Birmingham's Premier Professional Improvisational Theatre Company

Bringing the funny since 2008!

It's our Holiday Extravagant-Ganza!! ONE NIGHT ONLY!
Holiday 'Splosion!
December 14 at 8:00pm
These shows will be at Theatre Downtown.
Need more info? Check out their Venue Page!
Remember when the TV networks would give some star of the day a brightly lit Christmas wonderland and 18 guest stars for a spectacle known reverently as the Christmas Special? The ETC cast is bringing back this cheesy tradition of goofy sketches, holiday songs, and some visits from some unexpected (and possibly uninvited!) guests. Sit back and enjoy our salute to the variety shows of yore - and maybe even win a prize!

Advance Tickets: $8*
Walk-Up Tickets: $10
No discounts on Walk-Up Tickets - Buy in advance and $AVE!
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*a 75/ticket online convenience fee will be added to online purchases

ETC returns to Birmingham's hottest new venue!
Which Way Do We Go?!
November 23, 2019 at 9:30pm

This show will be at Birmingham Improv Theatre.
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General - $10; Student - $5; VIP - $15
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We'd like to tell you what it's about or who the characters are - there's just one problem: we won't know until the audience tells us. Will it be a space adventure with atomic schoolmarms? Or perhaps a medical drama plagued by runaway rhinos? There's only one way to find out - come to the show and tell us which way to go!

Check out our FEATURED CLIP!!
WARNING: This clip contains some adult language and themes. Viewer discretion is advised.

From the ETC Vault: From way back in Season 2, this game of Party Quirks has Nick Crawford hosting a party
for Jack the Ripper (Mike Cunliffe), Harriet Tubman (Christopher Davis) & the Elephant Man (Douglas
O'Neil, Jr.). Hosted by Debbie Smith at Birmingham Festival Theatre - July 1, 2010.
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About us...

The Extemporaneous Theatre Company, founded in 2008, is a repertory-style company comprised of professional artists in theatre, comedy, and a variety of sub specialties. Our goal is multi-faceted:
  • to provide the Birmingham Metropolitan community with quality improvised theatre
  • to work with other artists to bolster the art of live theatre in our community
  • to offer quality improvisational training workshops to students, the community, and corporations, and
  • to have a mighty good time doing it!
In 2013, Extemporaneous Theatre Company was acquired by ETC Productions - an Alabama Nonprofit Corporation. Through ETC Productions, The Extemporaneous Theatre Company has obtained 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

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