Birmingham Festival Theatre requests and strongly encourages all audience members to wear masks and can provide one, if needed.

Those choosing not to wear a mask are asked to remain socially distanced from other patrons. We appreciate your understanding.

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Best of Birmingham - Sept, 2009
(Best On-The-Spot Theatre)

Best of Birmingham - Sept, 2010
(Runner up - Best Theatre Company)

Best of Birmingham - Sept, 2011
(Finalist - Best Theatre Company)

Finalist - Birmingham's Best Live Theater Troupe 2009

'Thanksgiving On Trailer Park Avenue' at BFT lets audience have their say
This story was featured on the cover of the City Scene - Nov 20, 2009!

How to spend New Year's Eve in Birmingham, Alabama - Dec 25, 2009

Theater troupe, WorkPlay team for Haiti relief event - Jan 16, 2010

Finalist - Birmingham's Best Live Theater Troupe 2010

Improv comedy from ETC - Feb 20, 2009

Muse of Fire Dream includes improv comedy - May 1, 2009

Not Exactly Harper Lee - Dec 24, 2009

Eight Days - Jul 1, 2010

Cast Interview - Feb 19, 2009

Three to See - Oct, 2010

Three to Help - May, 2011
(Audio recordings from

Show and Tell: ETC's Billy Draper - Nov 4, 2009
Segment also included our clip Larry Langford Goes to Town

Improving on Shakespeare - March, 2010

ETC brings improv to the Magic City - Sept 29, 2009

The Theatre of Comedy: Spotlight on ETC - Oct 2, 2009