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Bookings, etc.

Want to bring the magic of improv to your campus? Having a big outdoor festival or fancy corporate shin-dig and need some professional entertainment? If so, one of our stylish improvised performances may be just the thing you're looking for! From the "Whose Line?" style "Project Codename: Vulcan's Underpants" to one of our fusion form shows, we can customize a performance to fit in most any space or situation.

At your request, our shows can be adjusted in content to suit your audience's preferences - from a mild, G-rated show to a more ribald, somewhat edgier performance we can fit most any taste. Want to bring the funny to you? Start by sending an email with the date(s) of your event, the number of attendees you anticipate, and a general idea of the performance space to our Chairman at We'll get back to you with an estimate, and to arrange any details or answer any questions you have.